Set Of 2 Lotion Soin Restructurant Et Lissant 4.2 FL No 1 & Powder Soin Restructurant Et Lissant 1.4 FL No 2

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Soin Restructurant Et Lissant No. 1 Phase The Initialisation Anti-Ageing Repairing Effect Lotion 4.2 FL

Soin Restructurant Et Lissant - Our favorite product
used in the Anti-Ageing Triple Lift facial by Biologique
Recherche. The face mask has a repairing effect on the
aging skin, leaving it smooth and glowing in just a single session! The dynamic duo of a lotion and a
powder is applied with specific massaging techniques,
composed of quick pulsing strokes and sculpting
movements which give the skin a restructuring effect.
To offer a holistic experience, our TWD facialists have received special training from Biologique Recherche experts themselves.
Some of the benefits of this product are -
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Has a contouring effect on the face
Promotes skin regeneration
Leaves the skin soft and glowing
Moisturizes the skin
Suitable for sensitive skin
Ingredients Glycerin, Water, Propilene Glycol,Cucumber extract
Exp Date 05-2025

Powder Soin Restructurant Et Lissant No. 2 Phase The Initialisation Anti-Ageing Repairing Effect 1.4 FL
Moisturizing and Smoothing Agent
Activator for professional use only, Soin Restructuring & Lissant is the regenerating booster par excellence that promotes cell renewal for a complete reconditioning of the epidermis. It offers global care for all Skin Moments lacking nutrition, vitality and protection-.

Especially recommended for the most fragile and vulnerable skin that needs to be regenerated (sensitive, intolerant and/or attacked).

Essential enhancer for skin subject to skin aging.

Composed of a liquid/powder duo, it combines exceptional nutrients that repair, strengthen and protect the epidermis. Its regenerating and moisturizing active ingredients smooth the skin's relief, reducing wrinkles and fine lines caused by dehydration.

The application of this treatment using an exclusive manual technique allows the complete restructuring of the epidemis, redrawing the contours, increasing its tone and enhancing the luminosity of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid, silk extract, royal jelly, Himalayan mushroom extract, hydrolyzed milk proteins

Exp Date 09-2025